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Every little bit helps and your support means a lot to me!
If you'd like to support my work and help me make Ruunara a reality, I'd be very grateful!

Many thanks to you all!

Hello everyone :)

Ruunara is a miniatures game I'm currently creating. The game takes place in a remote and wild universe.
If all goes well, the game is scheduled for the last quarter of 2024.

Players control small squads of 4 heroes. The aim of the game? Rescue missions. Your people are being attacked by creatures from the remote forests of the East. Border villages are being pillaged and burned. The clan leaders have decided to call on your people's greatest heroes.

The game will include scenery, tokens, an interface for the heroes and, of course, miniatures, and will be played with dice.

Ruunara will be available in a classic version and an NSFW version.

It can be played alone or with two players (one controlling the Ardann, Sanbari or Kangara clan and the other playing the enemy).

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